Basic Buckwheat Waffles (Gluten Free)

Super easy and super delicious! These waffles are a must have breakfast food for anyone who is gluten intolerant.


125 g Butter (at room temperature)

50 g Sugar

2 Tablespoon Vanilla Sugar or 1\2 Teaspoon vanilla extract

A pinch of salt

2 eggs

250 g Buckwheat flour

110 ml Milk

Butter for the Waffle Iron

* you can substitute the vanilla extract with a pinch of real vanilla seeds that are found inside of the vanilla pod.


Whisk together the Butter, Sugar, vanilla and salt until the mixture is fluffy and creamy.

Add the the flour, backing powder, eggs and milk.

Make sure not to whisk the batter too much otherwise the waffles will not turn out fluffy and soft.

Also make sure that you butter the waffle iron each time you spread about 2 Table spoons of batter on it otherwise the waffles will stick to the iron.

Buckwheat waffles are a great way to start of the day. They are a very healthy alternative to normal wheat waffles and taste much better than regular ones. These Waffles taste best with some confectioners sugar sprinkled on top, or some homemade apple sauce.

Enjoy ;D


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