Basic Whole Wheat Waffles

After making regular all purpose flour waffles a few times I realized that this was definitely not the healthiest food choice I could have made. After thinking about making the waffles a bit healthier with whole wheat flour I at first thought that they are going to be super dense, hard and not yummy at all, but I was wrong. These waffles taste sooooo much better than your regular waffles and are way healthier. They do not only fill you up longer, but also provide you with important nutrients that your body needs.

Continue reading for the recipe and further tips!


125 g Butter (at room temperature)

50 g Sugar

2 Tablespoon Vanilla Sugar or 1\2 Teaspoon vanilla extract

A pinch of salt

2 eggs

250 g Whole wheat flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

125 ml Milk

Butter, or vegetable oil for the Waffle Iron

* you can substitute the vanilla extract with a pinch of real vanilla seeds that are found inside of the vanilla pod.

* If you want to make these waffles even healthier than they already are, you can add about a table spoon of flax seeds, or a teaspoon of energizing chia seeds.

1.) Mix in the butter, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt until the mixture becomes creamy.
2.) Add in the eggs, milk, flour, baking powder and mix until the batter becomes smooth, but yet not runny. Also make sure not to over mix the ingredients otherwise the waffles will not turn out light and fluffy, but rather dense and dry.
3.) Finally, either oil or butter your preheated waffle iron and place some batter into the iron.
After a few minutes, depending on your waffle iron of course, the waffles will turn out a really lovely golden brown color. Hopefully they will be nice and crisp on the outside, but fluffy and soft from the inside.
Enjoy ;D

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